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Blossom Software was formed in 2000 to commercialize Internet agent technology developed in the late 1990s by Alan Feuer, one of Blossom's founders. The company offers remote-hosted services based on that technology to provide back-end support for websites.

Blossom's first service was Search. By spidering, indexing, and hosting a search engine, Blossom allows websites to have a best-in-class search facility without installing special software and with no programs to learn or maintain. Blossom runs multiple servers that are distributed geographically to achieve very high reliability. Over the years, the search engine has been enhanced to support communities (Affinity Search) and large enterprises (Enterprise Search).

A principal advantage to clients of the Blossom service model is that software and hardware upgrades are implemented transparently. The software that runs Blossom's services is regularly enhanced, often based on feedback from clients, providing more features and better performance. Likewise, the servers are upgraded on a regular basis to maintain fast response times and strict security.

Finally, although the foundation of Blossom is technology, the mission of the company is service. We provide our clients functionality not headaches, solutions not problems. We'd be delighted to work with you.