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Affinity Search

Site Search is a full-feature service intended for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. It provides high-quality searching for communities of websites. The basic service costs $100/month. It includes:
  • Indexing of 10,000 Web pages from any number of sites.
  • Creation of 5 index partitions.
  • Creation of up to 100 categories.
  • Weekly scheduled update plus on-demand updates.
  • Weekly report of current and historical search terms.
  • Fully customizable search form and customizable results.
  • 100,000 searches per month.

These optional features are available:

  • Daily update. Daily, instead of weekly, updating of the search index. (cost: 25% of the cost of regular update)
  • No byline. The "Search results by Blossom Software" byline is removed from the search results page. (cost: $10/month)

Contact Blossom Sales for more details.

The fine print: Accounts are billed quarterly or yearly. In determining page count, only text files (e.g., .HTML, .TXT, .PDF) are counted. Duplicate pages are counted as one. For files larger than 500KB, each 500KB or fraction of 500KB counts as one page. Indexes with more than 10,000 pages are billed at $7.50/month for each additional 3000 pages or fraction of 3000 pages. Additional index partitions can be added for $5/month each. All prices are in U.S. dollars.