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The Benefits of Remote-Hosted Search from Blossom

Blossom's search engine is simple to use and delivers superior results:
  • Results are Shown in Context.
    The search results show the sentence containing the words being searched for, so there is no question as to why a page is listed.
  • The Search Engine Guides the Searcher.
    When a query generates too few or too many hits, the search engine suggests modifications to improve the results. For example, if a query is too broad, the search engine will suggest common phrases to narrow the search.
  • Site-Specific Spell Checking.
    Each word is checked against all the words on the site. If a word doesn't appear on the site, the search engine suggests similar words that do appear.
  • Smart Handling of Common Entities.
    Blossom search recognizes common entities like phone numbers, email and postal addresses, and monetary amounts.
  • Smart Handling of Words and Phrases.
    Search strings are automatically expanded to find different suffixes: for example, bread will match breads, breaded, and breading. Words in phrases are automatically reordered: for example, mount everest will also match everest mountain.
  • Keywords are Highlighted on the Web Page.
    At your option, when a visitor selects a page from the search results, you can have Blossom's search server read the page from your server and highlight the search terms on the fly.
  • Searchable Index.
    The words in the index itself can be searched. If you are not sure of how a word is spelled, you can just type the first few letters and ask for all words on the site that begin with those letters.
  • Search Password-Protected and Secure Content.
    The Blossom spider can log into password-protected sites to index private content and the search results can be delivered using SSL to guarantee privacy.
  • Targeted Incremental Update.
    You can rely on regularly scheduled respidering to keep your index fresh, or you can feed the search server pages that have been changed or added for immediate update.
  • No Advertisements.
    No need to worry about inappropriate advertisements appearing alongside your search results--we never display ads.
  • Reliability through Redundancy.
    We use multiple geographically-distributed search servers, each with multiple connections to the Internet. Bottom line: search is always available.
  • We're Here for the Long Term.
    We take pride in having built our business through sales, not venture capital. It's true that our offices are modest and there are no arenas named after us, but our technology is on the leading edge and our staff is determined to keep clients happy.
And you'll get these tools to help you manage your website:
  • Weekly Search Report.
    Each week you'll receive a report telling you what people searched for on your site, as well as what, historically, have been the most popular search terms.
  • Automatic Table of Contents.
    We'll generate a complete site map for your site that includes page titles. Use the map to organize your pages, or give your visitors access to the map to help them navigate your site.
  • List of Words.
    You'll have access to the complete lexicon for your site; that is, a list of all the words used on your site along with how many times each word is used. The list makes it easy to find spelling mistakes and other inconsistencies across pages.
  • Test for Broken Links.
    As a search subscriber you can have your site audited at a discounted price. Blossom's audit service tests links both on and off your site, pinpointing any links that are broken.
To learn more about search engines take a look at What makes a good website search engine?.