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The Benefits of Remote Hosted Audit

Instead of installing and running link testing locally, all Blossom services run remotely, thus:
  • There is nothing to Install.
    Using an audit service is very easy. The service walks your website and tests every link. There is no software to install or configure.
  • You always Run the Latest Software.
    At Blossom, we continually improve the capability, efficiency, and reliability of our services. As a client, you get the benefit of our work automatically: there is nothing to install and nothing to upgrade.
  • Expert Help Always Available, at no extra cost.
    Blossom will monitor your audits to make sure they run smoothly. If a problem does occur, you can rely on our experienced support staff to fix it quickly. you can call on our staff for expert advice.
  • You Save Time.
    Once you sign-up for auditing, your job is done. There is nothing to monitor or schedule, and no software to upgrade. (You will want to fix any broken links, however.)
"This audit service is fantastic. Many of our broken links are in the HTML and not the visual editor, so you’re helping me get buckets of stuff cleaned up. Many thanks."

Bill Storm
Coordinator for Instructional Technology, Davis Joint Unified School District